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RoTE Top 10 – Constructed part 2

May 11, 2010

Welcome back to part 2 of my Rise of the Eldrazi top 10 constructed countdown. On tap today we have the top 5 cards for constructed. In the previous 5 cards I hit on a lot of utility cards but the top five are archtype developers and standard staples that you can build around. Actually, many of these cards still need to find a deck and will beckon deck builders to design a new brew to show them off.

5 ) Vengevine

So many players fell out of their chair when they saw this card that many may have expected it to win a major event by now. I’m more of the camp that it’s a strong card but lacking a proper deck making it super underwhelming. That’s not to say it’s not a super strong card when it finds the right attrition or aggro deck. I’m waiting for the mono green or naya build that shows it off.

4 ) Student of Warfare –

In my opinion this guy is easily the best leveler in the set. Mono-white weenie decks have existed forever and this guy can make himself continually relevant which is unique on a white weenie. Unfortunately again this is a card lacking a great home. He’s better than Kargan Dragonlord because he’s fetchable with a Ranger of Eos. There might be a viable Mono-white ranger deck out there but it hasn’t made a finish. If we didn’t have soo many great G/W cards like knight of the reliquary then I fully believe people would be playing this guy. As it is he’s just not better than Wild Nacatyl.

3 ) Momentous Fall –

This card makes me want to play a mythic style deck using this card to refill and keep my life out of reach vrs Jund. It’s so utterly strong but cursed by being in a standard where 4 drops are stronger than ever before in the history of the game. Not to mention 4 drops come out on turn three and games are usually well on their way to decision before you are able to start casting two 4 drops on a single turn. Regardless thus card will find a home and will win a bunch of games that should have been losses.

2 ) Gideon Jura –

When I first saw Gideon I just thought he was terrible. All I thought is how he has no ultimate and is just an expensive fog or removal and occasionally both. Sure I figured with Jace or Elspeth he might be playable but still was underwhelmed. I was wrong. Legitimate bomb and game changer on so many levels. The more you play him and learn to use him the crazier he becomes. I’ve lost more games to Gideon than I have to any other planeswalker in our current standard. He’s just a beating vrs control and vrs aggro compared to Jace who generally is best vrs control and only okay vrs aggro. 8 loyalty is insane after the first activation. Not worth $50 but a solid $35-40 card now and $25-30 when he eventually leaves standard.

1 ) Consuming Vapors

Right now this is only a $4 card which is obsurd. It’s not going to see a ton of play in legacy but in extended and standard this card will become utterly dominating. Right now the only good home is grixis and that’s just a deck that’s positioned poorly vrs planeswalkers and U/W control. There might become a rock deck featuring this card if Someone solves the cluttered 4 drop delimma for G/B rock. Again a rock deck could use man-lands which would require a third color which opens you to spreading seas and other land disruption that much more. Regardless, get this card now ad it should really be a $10 staple for the next 2-4 years.

Ok, that wraps up my RoTE top 10 constructed countdown. Next time I will be tackling a subject close to my heart -polymorph. I’ve been playing polymorph since Kozilek was spoiled, and I’ll share a bit of what I learned.

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  1. May 19, 2010 6:22 pm

    Vengevine is the 5th best card in the set? You’re crazy.

    If I had to pick the ratings, I’d go like this:

    1) Vengevine – Insane in Jund and Naya builds, at the moment underutilized, but in a deck with Lotus Cobra and Bloodbraid and/or Ranger of Eos/Kor Skyfisher this thing will DESTROY control.

    2) Gideon Jura – you got this one right.

    3) Student of Warfare – I’m not sure this card is worse than Nacatl. First of all, with the amount of spreading seas running around, base green three color decks HAVE to run Lotus Cobra. This is a 3/3 first striker on T2. It NEEDS to be dealt with. Not to mention, against a control deck where it’s very important that you don’t overextend, you can drop one down and level it up until it’s HUGE. 4/4 doubestrike will kill both wall of omens and wall of denial, and has a good chance of taking down gideon alone, but will definitely do it with Vengevines and burn.

    4) Consuming Vapors – like you mentioned, doesn’t have a home, except as a sideboard card in grixis and jund. Should be a nightmare once Alara block rotates in a B/R pyromancer ascension deck… and a good way to get rid of persecutor.

    5) Wall of Omens – first of all, no one is playing momentous fall, for the reasons you mentioned. Wall of Omens is INSANE. Probably the most played card in the set. Momentous fall only has one home, which would be in a rock deck playing persecutor, which would probably die to Jund after a couple blightning.

    • May 20, 2010 12:00 am

      Thanks for the comment.

      I have played against a few Naya Vengevine decks over the past two weekends (US Nats Qual, and Midwest Masters Series) and both times the Vengevine wasn’t much more than a 4/3 with haste. That’s a very aggressive creature for sure but the comes back into play clause rarely mattered. I do believe vengevine is an incredible creature, just at 4 mana he has stiff competition and the cards that make him good also all cost 4. He also goes way way down in awesomeness when shards rotates due to losing enablers like Ranger, BBE, and Noble Hierarch. Also Naya tends to have trouble with Jund which is a negative. Jund featuring Vengevine on the otherhand might becomes the newest iteration of Jund and seems a good fit for the environment. I’m still not sold on this card though.

      Student of Warfare impresses me less and less each week. I think he’s one of the best mono white creatures to be printed in a while, but the fact that standard is so removal heavy and wall of omens heavy that he does to little for to much mana.

      I agree wall of Omens probably deserves a higher spot on the list. At the moment it is one of the format defining cards, but after DC that will change as many decks start to use more of the powerful cards from RoTE. Many of those cards invalidate Wall of Omens as being anything more than a cantriping minor fog effect.

      Momentous Fall is the best green card draw ever printed. To bad damage doesn’t use the stack anymore. I still believe it will become one of the biggest game changing cards when an opponent casts it.

  2. May 20, 2010 9:16 pm

    Yeah, my buddy took 2nd at a Nats qualifier in AZ playing Vengevine Jund. In a field with 160 players. It’s ummm… pretty good. You can see his list here:

    Vengevine Naya is also insane, and you can read all about that at starcitygames as they had a bunch of pros sleeve it up for Nats qualifiers…

    The comes back into play clause matters A LOT, especially considering Jund or Naya mirror matches and the wrath effects of U/W and UWR walker (by far the most prevelant decks right now in the meta besides Jund) and for more on the usefulness of vengevine I give you the following play…

    Naya Player: Vengevine?

    U/W: Flashfreeze

    Naya Player: Noble Hierarch. Vengevine returns to play, swing 5.

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