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Fun Times Polymorph

July 7, 2010

Pleast note that I wrote this post about a month or so ago but apparently only posted it as a private draft.  Late is better than never I suppose.

So my U/W/g Polymorph list, finally.

Instants: 4
4x Path to Exile

Sorceries: 11
3x Polymorph
3x Day of Judgement
2x Martial Coup
2x Mind Spring
2x Time Warp

Enchantments: 6
4x Awakening Zone
1x Oblivion Ring

3x Elspeth Knight Errant
3x Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1x Garruk Wildspeaker

Artifacts: 4
4x Everflowing Chalice

Creatures: 2
2x Emrakul

Lands: 26
4x Celestial Colonnade
2x Stirring Wildwood
3x Glacial Fortress
2x Sunpetal Grove
6x Plains
5x Island
1x Forest
3x Misty Rainforest

First off this deck requires more testing. I make no guarantees but it has way more synergy than it looks on face value. I know a lot of you look at it and go umm, why not just play U/W control? Well it is U/W control. It just has a better finisher than most U/W builds. You can be explosive against some decks by polymorphing on turn 4. Most times you just play like U/W until you catch them tapped out and suddenly an Emrakul is in play and the opponent is usually shocked and awed. This deck has a factor of “rogue” that catches opponents off guard as they think they know you game plan but in reality you are playing two game plans at once.

Awakening Zone is an amazing psudo planeswalker effect. The fact that it is playable on turn 3 is so important. It gives you a buffer against aggressive decks, it ramps you into big turns, and it actually is synergistic with Martial Coup. The fact that you can randomly mize the overrun win with the 1 of Garruk shouldn’t be overlooked.

Looking at my list you see lots of 2 and 3 of cards and that’s on purpose. Most cards in this deck you don’t want to draw often but with Jace and Mind Spring you will find the card you need. Originally I ran see beyond instead of mind spring and time warp and they might actually be better considering that the format is getting more and more aggressive and these expensive spells aren’t as important. With blighting waning in popularity you don’t need that clutch Mindspring for 5+ as often. Often all you need is to shuffle away a duplicate planeswalker or an Emrakul and draw an additional land or sweeper.

With the odd numbers you have to be very good at knowing when to muligan and when to keep. This deck muligans extremely well and can win from 5 cards more than you’d expect. That’s even in a Blightning heavy environment. Discard is annoying but hardly stops this deck from playing out its gameplan. Duress often just takes a spell you weren’t going to card for 5 turns anyways.

This is one of the toughest decks I’ve ever played because every card is great, and they work well together but you have to sequence your turns with high precision or else you just end up doing a lot of nothing. You have to realize early on if you are going to win via Colonnades, Polymorph, Planeswalkers, or long attrition backed by Mindspring and Martial Coup. Each victory path is extremely different.

Shuffle up the deck, give it a run at and FNM. But do your homework first. Goldfish 100 hands. Take it on MTGO and head to the tournament practice room and get in a couple dozen games. Tell me i’m crazy, and I’ll tell you your right. Tell me this deck can’t win, and I’ll tell you your crazy and it’s bad when a crazy person calls you crazy.

In all honestly. If I were to play polymorph this, or a modified version of this for your metagame is the only list I’d bother with. It is extremely enjoyable to play. It’s not tier 1 by any means. It’s amonst the crowd of solid tier 2 decks. If you want a tier 1 deck play Mythic, Jund, or Baneslayer U/W.

If you want to have a great Friday night at FNM, shuffle this up and play it. I know I will.

Thanks for reading,


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