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Getting Destructive

August 2, 2010

Destructive Force is an insane card.  So insane that if planeswalkers did not exist it would be borderline “too good” in the current standard format.  Fortunately, WotC also put out an amazing 6/6 Titan in each color to also hold Destructive Force in check.  The card is still sick.

Reasons why this card is sick:
1) Excellent mana ramp
2) Strong artifact mana (Borderposts and Chalice)
3) Planeswalkers

I’ve not had enough time to test all the potential Destructive Force decks that I am interested in.  Currently I believe that the R/G Primeval Titan lists are the best but I’m not fond of the obvious.  Here in all its Glory is my B/R Destructive Force list.  This list is far from finished but it is my current project and FNM deck.

Land: 20
4x Dragonskull Summit
3x Lavaclaw Reaches
9x Swamp
4x Mountain

Planeswalkers: 4
2x Lilliana Vess
2x Chandra Nalaar

Creatures: 9
2x Inferno Titan
3x Abyssal Persecutor
4x Phlactary Lich

Artifacts: 12
4x Veinfire Borderpost
4x Everflowing Chalice
2x Pithing Needle
2x Crystal Ball

Spells: 15
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Terminate
4x Destructive Force
3x Earthquake

The #1 problem card for this deck is Jace TMS.  It’s a fun and explosive list but has a lot of trouble with Turboland, Combo, and RDW.  The sideboard can help those match-ups since Black offers a bevvy of awesome cards though.

Next time I’m going to talk about the decks I’ve been testing with and against for U.S. Nationals.  The gauntlet has been thrown.

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