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December 23, 2010


Sorry for the long wait since my last post. When standard rotated I suddenly lost all
interest in standard as the format felt very open except there was Valakut. I still feel
there is a lot of potential in standard but because of Valakut the room for innovation is
fairly limited. Sure, U/B control won worlds and was very strong against the field at
worlds I do not feel it is the best deck possible in standard. The deck is good because it
has a very solid game versus the aforementioned Valakut menace.

What is the best deck? I don’t know but highly expect it would be a Koth or Jace deck.
Those two cards rare the most powerful cards in standard if Valakut did not exist. I’ll
admit BR Vampires is a strong deck but again that’s in a metagamed built around
Valakut the Molten Pinnacle.

Ok let’s get focused. In the mean time since my last post I have been drafting scars and
hating it. Infect is terrible and teaches people to play poorly. Don’t get me wrong Infect
is a very strong archtype when you get the cards for it (this means some rares/mythics).
I’ve played some standard at FNM and having decent results with random decks. I’ve
played the Relics deck. I’ve played random control. The deck I’ve liked the most was my
machine red Koth and machine Venser decks but neither are great against Valakut. Both
decks were fine against most other decks you might expect to see at a FNM/5k.

I have only managed to make it to one PTQ for Paris since my last post. It was a HUGE
PTQ….because it was on Magic Online. Only 511 players out of the potential 512
showed up (and the one slot was due to someone dropping right as the event fired). I
expected 512 players which is the normal for Magic Online PTQs due to the accessibility
of them and the relative low cost as compared to actually driving to an out of town event.
The average North American PTQ clocks in around 170 players so this was significantly
bigger than the average event you might attend that is not a Grand Prix.

The question asked is how did I do? Well I didn’t win, sadly. I did make it to the finals
after 10 rounds of grueling SOM sealed and a top 8 draft. I got utterly crushed in the
finals of the draft by Mimic Vat. My deck had no answer for that card and all I could
do was hope to race it but my draws were not good enough. I might write more about
the PTQ another time. I’m pretty stoked about my performance but quite sad to come
so close yet still effectively have completely lost. If you’re not first, you’re basically
last when it comes to a PTQ. Sure I got boosters and I’ve been drafting non-stop and
becoming a master at SOM draft, but SOM draft is pretty irrelevant and I honestly dislike
the format as I’ve mentioned before.

I dislike the format even more since it’s all I have to show for beating 509 other players
in a 13 hour tournament.

Mimic Vat should be a mythic.
Thanks for reading,


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